Beit el Nessim is located in the old town of El Mina, Tripoli, where the streets are too narrow for automobiles traffic.
            El Mina is a Mediterranean port city graced by a long seaside boardwalk, much like the old ports of Greece and North Africa;
            small gardens are strewn among flat rooftop houses. It is said that El Mina used to be all white.
            The first time I walked around El Mina I was reminded of the city of Grenada walking up to the glorious Al Hambra sinuous cobble stoned streets where each house has its small garden and flowering bougainvilleas wave their greetings.

Unlike the other townships of Tripoli, El Mina welcomes on a nearby main street, many owner/ operated pubs, restaurants, sidewalk café, and a few shops, making the location favorable by giving the area life in the evening. Thus guests can find local entertainment in the evening.
			The guest house is a historic landmark it faces the walled garden, and features a rooftop terrace, and an interior courtyard.     
            The restoration began in December 2007, and was completed in 2012.
            Visitors will notice a conscious effort to preserve the unique style and architectural details of the building;
            while integrating the amenities of modern comfort with style, elegance and integrity to the original design.
            Once inside you will enjoy harmoniously designed spaces, tastefully furnished rooms, healthy gourmet breakfasts, warm hospitality, yoga and meditation classes, and ambience that culminates in a peaceful oasis away from every day life.